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Building the confidence to” just talk about it”

Bev Braun-Allard

Why don’t we just talk about it? What is it that keeps us, leaders and employees, from having career conversations with each other? What is it that makes career conversations so difficult? These are the questions I was exploring in my last post and I shared some of the obstacles I’ve heard about in my work.  In this post, I’ll give you some ideas on how can start to build your confidence as an employee, a leader, or both, to have career conversations.

Plan it

Why don’t we just talk about it?

Bev Braun-Allard

Most leaders at one time or another have experienced the loss of one of their top performers to another company. News of their departure can be tough news to take, especially when as a leader you may have had big plans for the employee’s future within your department or organization.

Many employees, me included, have made the decision to leave an organization, believing there’s more opportunity elsewhere, only to have their leader tell them they’re highly thought of at the time of resignation.  In my personal example, I remember my leader asking me what it would take for me to stay. I thought about that for a while, and gave him some ideas, but even when he committed to deliver on the things that were important to me, I decided to go. It was too late for the conversation when I’d already made the decision to leave.