People First HR Services

Going Forward

Bev Braun-Allard

“There are many ways of going forward, but only one way of standing still.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt

I love when I randomly come across something that speaks to me! With the work I do in career development I’m always on the lookout for a new way to get a message across to my audience. This quote perfectly describes what I believe to be true about a career. It also reminds me I’ve been meaning to write about one of our consultants, Laine Jubinville, and the ways she moved her career forward.

When I first met Laine, she was a recruiter in People First’s recruiting division. I don’t remember exactly how she first approached us about her interest in career transition consulting, but I remember she took the initiative to express her interest rather than waiting until we figured out she would be a good fit – a step forward.

Fish jump

When she joined our Career Management team, she joined as a Consultant/Client Service Coordinator, a role in which she wore multiple hats. During one of our performance review discussions she spoke with me about her interest in becoming a full time Career Management Consultant. While we didn’t see an opening for someone full time at that point, Laine was able to grow by working with what we called “stretch” clients. These were clients that sometimes pushed Laine out of her comfort zone; that pushed her to up her game to provide meaningful support. As she took on more “stretch” clients, she moved her career forward.

There came a time when we saw the opportunity to move Laine into the full time Career Management Consultant position she had been working toward. Laine excelled in this newly created role. During one of our regular discussions, Laine expressed an interest in learning more about LinkedIn and social media, knowing this was becoming more and more important for the individual clients we support through transition. She took on this new challenge in her typical “all in” fashion, and again moved her career forward. Since then, she’s taken on responsibility for our division’s social media strategy, so thanks to her you can follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter! Not only has she moved her career forward, she’s moved our division forward at the same time.

Never at a standstill, Laine is a Senior Career Management Consultant now – has been for a year or two. She continues to take on new challenges to build her skills and support our division. As an example, she’s become a regular guest on CJOB with Dahlia Kurtz on her top-rated talk show. In fact, recently she had the opportunity to guest host when Dahlia was away. Read Dahlia’s post for her take on Laine’s stretch experience.

Laine’s made a choice about going forward, or standing still. Her choice has created opportunities for exposure to new and different opportunities during her time with us. She didn’t wait for us to figure it out. Instead, she figured out what she wanted, what we needed, where both intersected, and then helped us to help her get there. Laine’s career is a great example of the many ways of going forward.

That’s what I mean about how Roosevelt’s quote speaks to me about career, though I doubt that’s what he was talking about.

So, are you moving forward, or are you standing still?